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Embark on an adventure

"The wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out."
J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

Who are you?

The royal child, an heir to the throne
The world you remember is gone. Estaria is being consumed by corruption, released into the world by Jareth - once a friend, now the traitor. You are the one who can restore peace and save the world from doom.

Face the ancient evil
Your kingdom has declined and the old monsters have returned. Many quests and challenges will lead you through the story. To face the dangers and save your homeland you will need all the help you can get.

Summon the Ancestors
You will not fight alone. On your way you will learn how to summon powerful allies: Ancestors, the legendary heroes. Each of them has a colorful personality, unique powers and a history which you can discover through many dialogues and an intriguing storyline.

Explore the Estaria

Vast open world
Estaria is colorful and diverse. This land consists of a wide variety of regions, each with its own locations to travel through: green meadows and frozen wastelands, golden grainfields and silver streams full of fish, peaceful deserts and lava-gurgling badlands - can you discover them all?

Breathing wilderness
Estaria is teeming with life. You will find many enemies, allies and people in need, all scattered around this land of mystery and danger.

Free exploration
You will navigate through the hexagonal map with distinct environments and hidden passages. This land is filled with old mysteries and secret locations; to discover them all you will have to keep both your eyes and heart open.

Myths & Magic

Wonders and chaos
This realm is infused with magic: the ancient one, based on six primal elements that stem from nature itself, enhancing artifacts and devices… and the corrupted one, powerful and spreading like the worst of diseases. You will have to learn how to use magic to your advantage and to understand the power wielded by your enemies.

There be dragons
Once, Estaria was ruled by the dragons - now the legends found their way back to this world. This means new, greater dangers, unknown monsters and beasts… But also unexpected, ancient allies.

Secrets and treasures
Estaria is a world of many mysteries and hidden treasures, all waiting to be discovered. During your adventures you will see magic events and find powerful artifacts and devices, often guarded by magical creatures.

Battle & Build

Grow as a hero
The further you’ll go, the stronger the enemies will be - to face the challenges, you must improve. Level up the team, upgrade your skills, enhance your gear and learn how to use magic against various enemies.

Strategize and fight
Your enemies have their own features, each presenting a new challenge. To win battles you have to learn the Ancestors’ powers and choose your party wisely, matching the current opponents. Learn how the elements behave and influence each other, then use this knowledge to reach your full potential.

Rebuild your kingdom
Remember what you’re fighting for. Your homeland needs help and resources - it is your duty to provide for your people. Gather materials to build a stronger and bigger City, rebuild your kingdom and make it a true stronghold.

And, at the end of busy day you can always take a pole and go fishing. After all, heroes sometimes need to take a breath too!

Embark on an adventure!